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Classic Games

Anti Gravity

Contestants use the two control rods to manuever a ball upward and into the highest score hole possible. Includes table top game and ball.  Requires a table, prizes and measures 4'l x 2'w.

Tiki Toss Game

Players try to bounce a whiffle ball off the table and into a plastic :tiki" cup.  Requires prizes. Great for ages 8 and up. 

Finish Line

4 Players participate at a time.  Each time the attendant spins the wheel, to see which car will move forward and by how many spaces.  The first player to push their car past the finish line, wins!

Includes table top game, spinner board, and cars.  Requires a table, prizes and measures 4'l x 2'w.  Very easy level of difficulty.

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Wreck ‘n’ Ball
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Tic Tac Toss
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Ring Toss
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Potty Toss
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Can Smash
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Mini Hoop
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Crazy Dots
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Six Cats
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Stand A Bottle
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Cover The Spot



Stand Up Games

Desert Blaster Carnival Game

Featuring a military theme with special forces units engaged in desert warfare, contestants try to throw foam pellets or foam rocket launchers (can substitute balls to make game easier) into 1 of 3 different sized targets.  Includes backdrop, frame, foam pellets / foam rockets / balls. Requires prizes. Great for ages 5 and up. Medium level of difficulty.

Bass Master Carnival Game

Another fun fishing challenge. Contestant is given a fishing rod with a velcro whiffle golf ball to try to cast the fishing line so the golf ball hits the fish's mouth. Includes 2 fishing rods, 3 whiffle golf balls, backdrop. Requires prizes. Great for ages 8 and up

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Clown Kiddie Striker
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Giraffe Kiddie Striker
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Cow Milking Contest
carnival duck pond
Duck Pond
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Feed The Monkey
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Froggy Fling Fly
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Cow Pie Fly
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Go Fetch
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QB Toss
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Baseball Toss
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Shark Attack
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Golf Challenge

Other Games

The Vault

The ultimate test of hand-eye coordination.  Contestants try to stop the moving light on a green dot - 5 times to open the Vault.  Each time the contestant is successful, the light moves faster, increasing the difficulty.  The level of difficulty may be adjusted for players, to keep the game fun and exciting for all ages and levels.
Includes: Game console, hand-held trigger
Requires 5'l x 5'w space (electricity - 110 volt, 11 amps or battery can be used for power.
Great for ages 6 and up.

Home Stretch

A variation of the famous boardwalk arcade horse racing game, players test their skill, bouncing a ball on the ledge, and have it land inside one of the holes they are aiming for (holes are marked "gallop", "sprint" and "trot").  Each player can see how their horse is doing versus their opponent on the leaderboard in front of them. Can be rented as a 2-Player or 4-Player game.
Includes: game unit, balls, electronic leaderboard, and attendant. 
Requires electricity (110 volt, 20 amps) and 4'w x 3'l x 6.5'h space.
Great for ages 6 and up!

Water Balloon Race Game

Modeled after the extremely popular carnival midway game, 4 players try to squirt the water into their clown's mouth, to have the balloon rise, and pop - first one to get the balloon to pop, wins! 
Includes arcade game (2 sections - squirt gun podium & balloon station), water resevoir, air compressor, balloons, and 1 attendant. 
Requires 9'l x 8'd x 7'h space, electricity (110 volt, 11 amps) and water source.
 Great for ages 6 & up.

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Hole In One Golf
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Prize Wheel



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