Inflatable Water Slides

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Accelerator Dual Lane Slide (30’W x 25’L x 24’H)
Our Dual Lane Accelerator Slide is a great addition to any picnic, fair, or festival. Participants climb the slide from center of the slide. Once at the top two people can race to the bottom of the slide. Adults and children of all ages may use this slide.
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Fire Truck Slide (30’L x 12’w x 22’H)
Our Fire Truck Slide is a life-sized digitally printed version of a real Fire Truck. It will be a hit with small children your next event.
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Tropical Dual Lane Slide Water Slide (16’L x 60’W x 20’H)
The Tropical Theme Dual Lane Water Slide is a high volume water slide that all ages will enjoy. The slide is steep and very fast. This inflatable requires a Garden Hose connection water source within 100 feet of the slide.

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