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airbrush tattoo
Air Brush Tattoos(10’L x 10’W x 8’H
Air Brush Tattoos are one of the most popular novelty items we offer. Children to adults will enjoy getting painless tattoos. Our air brush artist will tattoo any one of 1000 tattoos with up to six different color inks. Tattoos last 1 to 7 days depending on which type of ink issued and how each person cares for it. Tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol. These are great for picnics, carnivals, school, college events and more.
glitter tattoos
Glitter Tattoos (10’L x 10’W x 8)
Glitter Tattoos are an upgraded version of our Air Brush Tattoos. Your guests will have a choice of over 100 stencils that create a really unique look. Stencils are applied to the skin; special glue is applied, and then glitter to make these special tattoos, that will impress your guests. This is completely safe your guest with sensitive skin.
oxygen bar equipment
Oasis Oxygen Bar (10’L x 10W x5’)
Our Oasis Oxygen Bar is a breath of fresh air. This unique attraction offers your guests aroma oxygen therapy with 94% of pure oxygen in a fun environment. Your guests choose from over 20 different pleasing aromas. We can add electric massagers and relaxing music with headphones for an additional cost. The Oxygen Bar is extremely eye catching and completely sage for guests of all ages. Typical sessions last three to five minutes long. 02 Bar comes with four Hi-Tech stools, four oxygen stations and attendants.
massage chair rentals
Massage Chairs (4’L x3’W x4’H)
Our Massage Chairs make a great addition to your trade show booth, events that needs a relaxation lounge or with our Oasis Oxygen Bar. We have eight available.
Spin Art
Our spin Art Machines, are great for picnics, fairs, festivals, school events and more…This can be used by children of all ages! Each participants makes their own special spin art cart, after it dries, they receive a white cardboard picture frame to place their work of art in. We have single and double machines.
spin art
Spin Art Frisbees
We now have Spin Art Frisbees available for our Spin Art Machines. Each Frisbee is 9’’ in diameter
spin art machine rental
Spin Art Tee Shirts (8’L x 8’W)
Our Spin Art Tee Shirts are cool novelty that your guests will make themselves using our special Spin Art Tee Shirt Machine. The shirts are placed in a special tee shirt dryer to adhere the paint to the shirts. The paint is permanent and will last for years. We can do all tee shirt sizes and colors.
custom temporary tattoos
Temporary Tattoos
Our Temporary Tattoo packages are now available for your event. Your guests can choose from all of the designs below or you can limit the selection of tattoo packages that will be available for them to pick from. If you do not like a specific package, we do not offer it to your guests. That way all choices will be appropriate for your event. We will display only the packages you request for your event. Temporary Tattoos last for days and are completely safe and are non-allergenic.
sand art bottles
Sand Art (10’L x10’W x 4’H)
Our sand Art Cart with sand art bottles is classic novelty items that are excellent give-a-ways for your event. We have many sizes, shapes, and theme bottles. Please call our office for details and bottle availability.

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