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Inflatable Rock Walls

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Tiki Island Inflatable Rockwall(25’L x 25’W x 24’H)
Our Tiki Island Rockwall is a two climber inflatable rock climbing wall with hand holds that are found on hard surface climbing walls. The Tiki Island Rockwall is safe for all ages 6 years end up.
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Tiki Island Climbing Wall (24’ L X 24’ W X 28’ H)
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26’Four Climber Rockwall (28’L x 8’W x 26’H)
The 26’ Four Climber Rockwall is a smaller version of our popular Five Climber Rockwall’s. It is very attractive and challenging. Each climber is kept safe with an auto-belay system. We also have the capability of adding hand holds to make climbing the Rockwall easier. This is great for kids and adults. The auto-belay system has a 225Ibs weight limit.
outdoor rock wall
Extreme Air Bungee Jumpers
Soar up to 25 feet in the air! The next trend setter to mobile climbing walls, the air jumpers allow people to bounce, jump high, flip, and have a great time! Up to 4 jumpers at the same time and quick turnaound times allow for a great number of guests to particpate throughout your event. Also, with the 4 pads located side-by-side, it is easy for the attendants to watch all the jumpers - key for safety measures! Includes trailer ride, 4 inflatable jump pads, 4 safety harnesses, remote control, blower, fiberglass poles, safety fencing, and 2 attendants. Ride is mounted on a trailer. Requires 40'l x 25'w space and electricity (110 volt, 20 amps) (27'l x 9'6" trailer must be driven into place). Great for ages 7 & up / guests weighing 60 - 250 lbs. (one size harness fits all riders)

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