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Inflatable Rock Walls, Portable Rock Climbing Walls for Kids in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland

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Tiki Island Inflatable Rockwall(25’L x 25’W x 24’H)
Our Tiki Island Rockwall is a two climber inflatable rock climbing wall with hand holds that are found on hard surface climbing walls. The Tiki Island Rockwall is safe for all ages 6 years end up.
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26’Four Climber Rockwall (28’L x 8’W x 26’H)
The 26’ Four Climber Rockwall is a smaller version of our popular Five Climber Rockwall’s. It is very attractive and challenging. Each climber is kept safe with an auto-belay system. We also have the capability of adding hand holds to make climbing the Rockwall easier. This is great for kids and adults. The auto-belay system has a 225Ibs weight limit.
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Tiki Island Climbing Wall (24’ L X 24’ W X 28’ H)
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Extreme Quad Pod

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