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Sports Inflatables for Rent in MD, VA, DC

inflatable obstacle course
Chip Shot Challenge (85’L x 12’W x 15’H)
Boot Camp Obstacle Couse is sure to be one of our best obstacle courses. It features many obstacles including a swing over water, laser maze, rock climb and more. This obstacle course is close to Scott Magerer’s heart because his Justin has just joined the Marines and he will be attending Boot Camp in Paris Island, NC, September 2010.
inflatable golf cage
Inflatable Golf Cage (18’L x10’W x15’H)
Our inflatable Golf Cage will test your driving skills with our computerized distance caddy. The distance caddy calculates your distance and displays it on a three digit display.
football inflatables
Inflatable Three Point Kick (18’L x10’W x 15’H)
Our inflatable Football Three Point Kick will test your field goal kicking accuracy. Players kick footballs off of a football tee. Players kick from different distances on the playing field through the goal post.
Sports Arena- Hockey
Our inflatable Sports Arena Slap Shot Hockey will test the accuracy of your Hockey Slap Shot. Players hit hockey pucks through targets on the backdrop.
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Sports Arena- Baseball Speed Pitch(18’L x 10’W x 12’H)
Our inflatable Sports Arena Baseball Speed Pitch will test your accuracy and pitching skills with our radar speed gun. The radar gun calculates your speed you pitch the ball and displays it on a three digit display.
inflatable games
Quarterback Blitz(16’L x14’W x16’H)
The Quarterback Blitz is an exciting inflatable game that lets players your and old show off their passing game. Two players can face off with each other, as they throw the football across the field to the back wall that holds a line of receivers. Once the pass is completed, the football then is returned to the opposing quarterback’s lane. The competitive spirit of this inflatable game really gets going as each player tries to get rid of all their footballs.
inflatable basketball hoop
Giant Basketball(6’L x 6’W x 7’H)
Our Giant Basketball Game is fun for children and adults. It comes with a 3 foot wide ball and a 2 foot wide ball.
giant inflatable
Giant Soccer(8’L x 10’W x7’H)
Our Giant Soccer Game is fun for children and adults. It comes with a 3 foot wide ball and a 2 foot wide ball.
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Full Court Press(16'l x 16'w x 18'h)
Interactive Basketball Game
Includes basketballs and scorekeeping timer.
jump houses
Mini All-Stars Basketball (10’L, 10’W, 8’H)
The Mini All Stars game is a lightweight inflatable that uses mini basketballs. Players will enjoy hours of fun competing against each other in this shooting game. Perfect for all types of parties, and special events
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Human Foosball (50’L x 26’W x 10’H)
It’s a life sized version of the popular arcade Foosball game. The Human Foosball game is great for all ages over 6 years of age. It’s awesome for team building events, school events, colleges, and picnics.
inflatable boxing ring
Bouncy Boxing (20’L x 20’W x 10’H)
Bouncy Boxing will have your guests feeling like Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. Participants actually box each other in an inflatable ring wearing oversized gloves and protective head gear. Each bout lasts three, one minute rounds, with the referee announcing the winner.
inflatable obstacle course rental
World Wide Sports Challenge (30’W x 58’L x 24’H)
The Wild One Roller Coaster Obstacle Course is the most creative inflatable obstacle on the planet. Its Roller Coaster theme is sure to be a hit with your guests. Two participants race up and over the first hill, and then they run though many challenging obstacles on the 180 degree turn, then up and over the second hill to end the race. This ride is a scream.
inflatable soccer goal
Soccer Shootout (19'Lx 14'Wx 16'H)
Includes soccer balls
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Ultra Volleyball
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